Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Milani Baked Blushes

These blushes give you that beautiful glow that we will all be looking for this upcoming spring and summer! If you are not a fan of shimmer, then these are not for you. These are about $8.00, less than half the price of a MAC mineralized blush. Stay beautiful my lovelies, until next time! Hugs, Anissa

You can find these at either Wal-Greens or on the Cherry Culture website at

Rose D'Oro (peach tone) and Berry Amore (pink tone)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jordana Cosmetics

Check out the Jordana website at Most products are ONLY $1.99! I was so impressed with their products and I had to share this with you! Talk to you soon, Anissa

“Must Have”
High Maintenance, Gunmetal, Ms. Brown, & Bronzeville eyeshadows
Coral Sandy Beach, Rose Silk, Rouge, Blushing Rose blushes

“Worth Trying”
Your Majesty, Ms. Jordana, Over The Taupe, Mauve My Way eyeshadows
Touch of Pink, Sandalwood blushes especially for lighter skin tones
Felt tip eyeliner

“Don’t Waste your Money”
Pretty Peach, Supernatural, Total Blackout eyeshadows
Tawny Beige, Sunlit Bronze, Redwood, Stardust blushes

I have to add a special RAVE REVIEW for the Coral Sandy Beach blush, it is in my top 3 blushes of all time!!! It is comparable to NARS Orgasm. The finish on it is absolutely amazing, it gives you a beautiful glow and it should be in your collection too!

Top: Coral Sandy Beach, Rouge
Bottom: Blushing Rose, Rose Silk

Top: Sunlit Bronze, Redwood, Touch of Pink
Bottom: Tawny Beige, Stardust, Sandalwood

Top: Over The Taupe
Bottom: MAC Satin Taupe

Bronzeville vs. MAC Amber Lights
Top: Blackout
Bottom: Pretty Peach, Supernatural
Top: Ms. Jordana
Bottom: Your Majesty, Mauve My Way
Fabuliner in Black
Left: Ms. Brown, High Maintenance
Right: Gunmetal

Friday, February 11, 2011

Neutral Palettes: Urban Decay Naked, Too Faced Natural Eye, NYX Nude on Nude, Avon 8-in-1 Neutral Tones

I know how difficult it can be to get your hands on the Urban Decay Naked Palette and it can be expensive for some, so here are some great neutral palette comparisons! As always, I recommend checking ebay for deals on these palettes. Also check out my YouTube channel,, for a full review on the Urban Decay Naked Palette and comparison SWATCHES!

Urban Decay Naked Palette $44.00 - $48.00 or at
Avon 8-in-1 Palette Neutral Tones $12.00

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette $35.00
Okay, so I recommend all of these palettes, I was really surprised at how much I liked the Avon palette. The Too Faced palette is probably the last one I would recommend just because compared to the others, it is over priced. Use a primer for these palettes, especially for NYX and Avon. Let me know what you think or if you have any you can suggest for me too!

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

Avon 8-in-1 Palette Neutral Tones

NYX Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit

Friday, February 4, 2011

NYX Haul Time

I purchased these NYX products either online or at the Carlsbad Outlet Mall, Perfume Outlet Store. The Perfume Outlet was having a sale, buy 5 for $10 and how could a girl refuse?

The products that I am loving and absolutely recommend are:
Brown eyeshadow
Miami Babe lipgloss
All the lipsticks
Rock and Roll Trio
This is the NYX Very Delight trio and I would pass on buying this one because the peach shade is has a gritty texture with bad pigmentation, the brown color is pretty good, and the highlight color is a white/pink based.

Top Row L-R: Brown, Blondie, Charcoal Brown, Copper
Bottom Row L-R: Walnut, Salmon Pearl, Bronze Pearl
I love the matte brown e/s because it is great for warming up your look since it has an ever so slight orange base in it. I use it to blend out my e/s between the crease color and highlight, it is a great transition color!

This NYX Rock and Roll trio is a "must have" and has an awesome highlight shade, an amazing taupe color that would be in the satin taupe family, and a cool charcoal gray that has a tint of blue in it!

Far left is the NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss in Paprika Sparkle, good color but not something I would wear often. The four NYX Black Label lipsticks are incredible! Super moisturizing and soft on the lips. They are nude and neutral colors that work great on my skin tone, I highly recommend them! Lipgloss on the far right is NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Miami Babe which is a new favorite of mine!!! If you like NYX's Natural or Smokey look, you will love this one!

Let me know what you think!