Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jordana Cosmetics

Check out the Jordana website at Most products are ONLY $1.99! I was so impressed with their products and I had to share this with you! Talk to you soon, Anissa

“Must Have”
High Maintenance, Gunmetal, Ms. Brown, & Bronzeville eyeshadows
Coral Sandy Beach, Rose Silk, Rouge, Blushing Rose blushes

“Worth Trying”
Your Majesty, Ms. Jordana, Over The Taupe, Mauve My Way eyeshadows
Touch of Pink, Sandalwood blushes especially for lighter skin tones
Felt tip eyeliner

“Don’t Waste your Money”
Pretty Peach, Supernatural, Total Blackout eyeshadows
Tawny Beige, Sunlit Bronze, Redwood, Stardust blushes

I have to add a special RAVE REVIEW for the Coral Sandy Beach blush, it is in my top 3 blushes of all time!!! It is comparable to NARS Orgasm. The finish on it is absolutely amazing, it gives you a beautiful glow and it should be in your collection too!

Top: Coral Sandy Beach, Rouge
Bottom: Blushing Rose, Rose Silk

Top: Sunlit Bronze, Redwood, Touch of Pink
Bottom: Tawny Beige, Stardust, Sandalwood

Top: Over The Taupe
Bottom: MAC Satin Taupe

Bronzeville vs. MAC Amber Lights
Top: Blackout
Bottom: Pretty Peach, Supernatural
Top: Ms. Jordana
Bottom: Your Majesty, Mauve My Way
Fabuliner in Black
Left: Ms. Brown, High Maintenance
Right: Gunmetal


  1. Cool! I've seen a few Jordana products at my Walgreens but they are all lip stuff that I wasn't interested in. I may have to go to the website though! Thanks for the review! :)

  2. Anissa!!! I was JUST thinking about you! This is such a cool idea because I've been meaning to try some new colors out there besides my typical browns. I will most definitely keep coming back to your site! Lots of love, Melody

  3. I love Jordana Cosmetics Products.
    Its just simply great :). Thanks for sharing the post on Jordana cosmetics